Free Training Videos

Puppy Basics Playlist on youtube.

We have put together the most commonly asked questions and concerns with the first few weeks of bringing your puppy home.

Where should your puppy sleep? How can you comfort them or adjust if they are having trouble settling in?

Crate Training – why is it recommended and how can you introduce it in the most positive way possible to help your puppy enjoy crate time and easily rest when in it.

Toilet Training – What to expect when it comes to toilet training and how you can be the most successful in the process as well as the pros and cons of things like puppy wee pads/fake grass.

Introducing leash and collar – doing this work will assist in having an easier time getting a collar on and off your puppy as well as setting the foundation for better walking habits.

Teaching Sit

Teaching Drop

Treats – what treats work the best and why

Socialisation – How do you set your puppy up to be confident and friendly in social situations

Puppy Mouthing – How do deal with puppy mouthing, pros and cons of different methods and how to work out which is best for you and your puppy.

Desctructive chewing and how to set your puppy up for succes with toys.

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