Board and Train

Board and Trains are an excellent way to kick start the training process, although the dogs make great progress with us during their stay, it’s important that both owners and dog have the ability to maintain and strengthen the skills learned here with us so everyone we have worked with continues to work with us over a period of 6 months.

when changing behaviours 3 weeks helps boost progress but it does not permanently change behaviours. The real work starts when the dogs go home. There is no magic wand or quick fix, these dogs have had intense issues but have continued to blossom during the program and I am so god dam proud of them.

In saying that it never hurts to show off what they were able to achieve in just 3 weeks so imagine what they have managed in the weeks to follow with their owners working hard to learn better skills in communication and connection.

Odin <3

Dexter <3

Callie <3

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