Mental well being for dogs

Looking after a dogs mental well being is just as important as looking after a dogs physical well being,

That looks slightly different from dog to dog home to home, but the core values remain the same to ensure that well being is running at it’s optimum.

Healthy consistent boundaries, that ensures every household member is comfortable with day to day living habits and routines.

feedback and guidance that builds and strengthens skills and understanding of the world around them especially their people and how best to connect and “plug in” to them.

Healthy outlets of fulfilment PLAY structure is one of the most over looked elements in a dogs daily life but is a huge game changer when done right.

Solid easy to read and communicate with fellow family members for connection to help satisfy natural social instincts.

And if you don’t put mental well being high on the care checklist of your dog, stress and disconnection can impact on your dogs long term health, stress and anxiety can alter gut health, immunity, and impact on/burn out the nervous system.

Mental well being = physical well being.

It goes hand in hand.

Find your vet important in ensuring physical well being when you need the guidance?

What about a trainer when it comes to your dogs mental well being?


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