Dog training not just for the Albury Wodonga area

Location, location, location.

Is not everything.

We often get asked where we are located which I am always more than happy to share, we are located on the border of NSW and VIC residing on the Albury side.


We have clients spread all over this beautiful country.

Funny story one of my clients regularly dropped her dog off two houses up from mine, we worked through all hers and her dogs issues and met for the first time at our first retreat 5 hours away in Phillip Island.

ahhh I love our retreats, take me back…


We have clients who live hours away that were struggling with anxiety issues, reactivity issues even issues between dogs living together and without ever meeting them we have helped heal and solve these issues as well as move onto greater more exciting work and adventures with these wonderful people.

How does it work and whats the catch?

The catch is you have to be willing to put in the work, dog training has never been about the dog, what we can hands on teach your dog is irrelevant and what has always been the most important piece of owners success is how well they learn, and what skills they learn to build a better understanding of their dog, how they can create stronger communications and bonds with there dog so they can have clear communication with each other no matter where they are or what is happening around them.

unfortunately the educational system for humans up until now hasn’t been well designed having people rely on their trainer being there in person to help move them through the sticking points.

The cons of that? You have to wait a week, 2 weeks between consults and with some trainers and behaviourist 3 months until you see them again.

Who has time to wait around hoping they are getting the work right and what if it’s not quite suited to you and your dog?

What if it does need to be changed a little?

No dog or person is the same and while things are similar, everyone’s household set up is different. How do you ensure the work is correctly fitting into your life.

How do you know when or how to shift that work into other areas of your life?

Fade out food?

Not have to rely on certain management techniques you have built in to avoid triggers or sliding backwards.

You deserve to have all that catered to.

Don’t get me wrong I love working hands on with the dogs and the people, selfishly I had a really hard time moving into this formula of teaching, I would love to spend in person time all the time with my clients and their dogs, I absolutely adore them but I wouldn’t have the chance to serve the people I am so blessed to serve that are spread all over the place and I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time working with them as “hands on” as I do now.

I get to know my clients on a deeper level than ever before, I almost feel like I get to step into their home on a regular basis throughout the week, offer more solid and sturdy support through any difficulties the dogs have in transitioning to better behaviours.

Get a deeper insight into what is and isn’t working and are able to coach them through any sticking points faster and more efficiently than ever before, the best part about that? Is because of that my clients get to learn more from me in the time we spend working together.

How we educate dog owners is changing and we are at the forefront of that change, I’m a results based and driven person, I want the easiest, communication and connection driven, sustainable training methods that I can find for my clients and I have searched high and low and hired the best of the best to formulate good, strong educational systems for them to set them up the best I possible can for success.

and well, when I look at my clients and the progress they make, a pang of jealousy does make itself known, because they are doing things in weeks that took me thousands of dollars, working with several trainers, and a butt tonne of hands on experience in training and 6 years of dedicated work to achieve for my own personal goals with my dog whiiiiich finally after a long ass journey it came together and they do it in a matter of flipping weeks BUT not only do I get that *little* pang of jealousy.

it also makes me dam proud that they took a chance on me, that they trusted me and the educational platform that I had constructed for them.

Jumping on almost a decades worth of behavioural work, mistakes experiences learning what does and doesn’t work within a HOME environment, with a busy schedule a business to run kids to raise and high energy dogs to deal with when you so aren’t a jogger but you do love a nice stroll in nature, to be doing things they didn’t believe were possible, having results spring up where they weren’t expecting or focusing on.

It’s bloody brilliant to see.

and they all agree on the same thing, they ALL wish they had of done it sooner.

Want to know more?

Hit me up for a free phone consultation so we can have a chat, assess what your needs are and IF we are the right fit for what you need xx







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