Struggling with walking your dog?



Struggling with walking your dog?

Maybe even to the point where as guilty as you feel when you admit it, you’re no longer walking your dog.

Wondering if you just haven’t found the right piece of equipment yet?

You have had your vet, family or friends recommending this or that.

Speaking about it like it’s the magic answer that you just some how missed the memo on.
Let me bust the biggest myth out there when it comes to training your dog to walk on a loose leash.

There isn’t a single piece of equipment that teaches your dog how to walk nicely on lead.
Sure it might make him feel uncomfortable enough to slow down when he feels the pressure he is putting on himself when he pulls.

Some pieces of equipment can help disperse the weight and strength of the dog making it easier for the owners shoulder and keeping there feet on the ground at a pace they much prefer walking at.

But none of them teach engagement, communication, connection and understanding of what it’s like to walk TOGETHER, checking in with one another and not worrying having a single worry in the world while getting out and moving together.

If you’re searching for that kind of walk, you wont find what you are looking for on the shelves of your local pet store.

That comes with the structure of teaching your dog what a leash, a walk should mean to the both of you.

We focus so heavily on foundations that help build communication, connect, trust and understand that goes both ways for the owner and the dog.

The loose leash walking system we choose to use can really be taught on any piece of walking equipment.

We have our favourites as they assist in helping shift the mind set of both owner and dog a lot easier and at times a hell of a lot faster BUT there is no quick fix.

To get that truly enjoyable walk you have been longing for with your dog, you have to put in the ground work.

Anything else is just like slapping a band aid on it and dealing with it because it’s the best solution you could find.

The structure of a walk, the communication (or lack of for so many people) can also have a huge impact on how a dog sees and interacts with the world while he is out, and how he views his home life with you when you are home together.

Getting the flow happening with communication and connection on a walk is so crucial to making huge changes with the problems you face with your dog, because lets face it, it’s not the only one you struggle with but it’s the one you focus on the most because you hear it all the time “if you just exercised your dog he would be tired/he would calm down”

If you’re letting him drag you down the street just because “this will solve problems, exercise is the answer”

You can do that every night of the week and there is a huge chance not a whole lot will change.

No matter the equipment you use.

No matter the breed.

No matter the energy level.

Walking your is not THE answer but it is a part of the solution when it’s structured correctly.

If you’re fed up with wasting money on equipment that hasn’t helped make things any better, done with your arm being near pulled out of it’s socket or want to be able to actually find the motivation to get out and walk your dog and enjoy it. Reach out we are more than happy to have a chat with you about it xx

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